Living On The Edge of Chaos

Living On The Edge of Chaos

This podcast explores the world of education through the lens of story.
What will your story be?

As you prepare to embark on the next chapter in your own story it sometimes helps to hear from others who have done the epic work to get it done! Be inspired by others to empower others!

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    084: Learning in Hand with Tony Vincent

    In this episode I speak with Tony Vincent is an outstanding educator who has done some incredible work with technology. Tony has been a classroom teacher, technology coach, international speaker, back to the classroom, and who knows what else will come his way in the future. This is a conversation I have been so excited to have to learn from Tony and all that he has to offer the education world.

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    082: Alan Stein Jr. - Raise Your Game

    In this episode I speak with Alan Stein Jr, a performance coach who has spent countless years in the sport of basketball working with all levels and teams and players. He is someone I have followed for years to improve my own knowledge of how to be a better coach, mentor, father, and person.

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    081: Jeff Robin & Why You Need To Do The Work

    In this episode I speak with Jeff Robin, a former art teacher at High Tech High and one of the original founders of the campus. Jeff has a long career of doing what is needed most for education and not being afraid to disrupt the system that does not work. It is a complete honor to have a chance to talk with him for an hour to learn more about the keys to learning and education.

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    080: Scott McLeod

    In this episode I speak with Scott McLeod who is someone who has not only been a dear friend to me, but also a mentor and guide when it comes to my learning and thinking about education. Time and time again I am lucky enough to cross paths with Scott to have some wonderful conversations that challenge my thinking. I am honored to have him on the show to bring some of these conversations to masses so that others can learn from what he has to offer.

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    079: Stephanie Richardson of Eat Write Teach

    In this episode I speak with Stephanie Richardson of the website Eat Write Teach. She is an outstanding educator who has so many clever ideas for the classrom that we can all benefit from. She teaches in Indiana where she has recently transitioned from a high school teaching career to the 7th grade level. 

    Be sure to check out her space on this page so you can visually see the ideas she shares in the podcast

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    078: Courtney Carver - How do we become more with less?

    In this episode I speak with Courtney Carver who is one of the leading experts around decluttering and finding a way to live with less to be more. As we listen to her story about her own life situations and stresses and how changing her mindset and life has lead to a much more fulfilled lifestyle. Additionally, we take time to connect the importance of decluttering our personal lives as well as our professional lives and spaces. This episode has hit me on many levels and I know it will for you too!

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    077: Joe Morgan - Should We Teach Coding?

    In this episode I speak with Joe Morgan, a Javascript developer, former librarian, and parent of two small children. He recently had a piece published on the topic of coding that has lead us to a conversation about whether or not we should teach coding in schools.

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    076: Colleen Graves - The power of understanding that we all have awesome inside us!

    In this episode I speak with Colleen Graves who is a former educator and librarian who is now working with Makey Makey to enhance their projects, lessons, and guides as content creator. She is still very much an educator empowering all of us to do more in our spaces with students by exploring new ways of learning with the Makey Makey.

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    075: Octavia Abell and the bigger picture for computer science

    In this episode I speak with Octavia Abell. Octavia is the CS Lead for ISTE and Strategic Advisor for CS4RI. She previously served on Governor Raimondo’s policy team and as the Director of Strategy for the RI Office of Innovation where she led efforts to advance organizational effectiveness and catalyze innovation across Rhode Island. Her successes include leading the initiative to bring CS education to every public school, spearheading a redesign of the state’s digital presence, and launching a leadership development program for state employees. She believes that individuals can be powerful change agents, and is committed to connecting people with the resources necessary to scale impactful work. 

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