Living On The Edge of Chaos

Living On The Edge of Chaos

This podcast explores the world of education through the lens of story.
What will your story be?

As you prepare to embark on the next chapter in your own story it sometimes helps to hear from others who have done the epic work to get it done! Be inspired by others to empower others!

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    074: Dana K. White and How To Declutter Our Spaces with the A Slob Come Clean Method

    In this episode I speak with Dana K. White, A Slob Comes Clean, about her method for decluttering and how we can infuse her methods into our learning spaces. This is such a helpful episdoe especially as educators from around the world are working through our #declutterlearning challenge taking place right now

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    072: Amanda Glover: A story of building an amazing learning space for makers!

    In this episode I speak with Amanda Glover who is exploring how to create powerful learning spaces mixed with makerspaces. She is also a 4th and 5th grade math and science educator. I came across her space on LinkedIn and after seeing the pictures and following the journey I knew I wanted to speak with her to help all of you figure out how to make this happen.

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    071: Dane Barner and the Discussion of Innovation and Engagement

    In this episode I speak with Dane Barner, a music teacher, who has spent many years crafting a philosophy of education and really trying to sift through all the jargon in education to figure out what it all means. In this conversation we dive into the topics of engagement, inquiry, and creating a classroom that is suitable for learning for all kids.

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    070: Steve Isaacs: Minefaire, Education, Gaming, E-Sports

    In this episode I speak with Steve Isaacs. He is someone who I have admired for a long time. Not only does he do amazing work in his classroom, but the outreach and support he creates for communities with MineFaire and other programs is astounding. We tackle some topics that are exciting and I hope you enjoy his story as much as I did.

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    066: Matrix of a Learner With Tracy Hanson

    In this episode I bring awareness to the work of Tracy Hanson and her Matrix of a Learner philosophy. This episode brings to light the philosophy and her journey. Be sure to listen to the end as we have something really special for you to be part of if you wish.

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    065: How To Organize and Manage a STEM Classroom with Terri Smith

    In this episode I have a chat with Terri Smith who is an amazing STEM Educator here in Iowa! We discuss her learning space and how she manages students, materials, and organizational strategies to survive all the things that come with being a teacher.

    To see her learning space check out the images and videos here

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